I’m Melissa Jennings

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About Me

I was born to a very musical family, so I have spent my whole life singing, dancing, and jamming out with my loved ones. I have always wanted to be a teacher, and in eighth grade, I determined that music was the subject I wanted to teach.

In 2019, I graduated high school in Illinois and moved out to Utah for college. I attended Southern Utah University and majored in Secondary Choral Music Education. As I worked through my program, I received training in both music (voice, piano, rehearsal techniques) and education (management, lesson planning, psychology).

Music brings people together. It inspires and heals us and I want to help students grow and develop through music. My goal is to earn a music teaching position at the high school or middle school level. I am available now to discuss opportunities and will be able to begin teaching any time after graduation this spring.


A more in-depth breakdown of my experience and skills

Teaching Philosophy

My personal teaching philosophy in regards to general classroom culture

Example Lesson Plans

Real lesson plans I have used, presented in a variety of styles


Videos of me conducting in performances with various groups